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Kristian Carlson

Port Heiden

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Carol's Legacy Lodge

Kristian Carlson's Legacy Lodge offers a cozy four-bedroom home to stay in while visiting Port Heiden.

Port Heiden lies near the Aniakchack National Monument and Preserve which is home to a six-mile wide volcanic caldera 2,500 feet deep. Port Heiden is a traditional Alutiiq community, with a commercial fishing and subsistence lifestyle and boasts beautiful beaches where the Meshik River meets the waters of the Bering Sea.

Kristian's rich Aluttiq and Scandinavian heritage stems from family members who have lived in Alaska for generations throughout Seward, the Chignik area, Anchorage and Port Heiden. He's happy to share his culture with visitors. Amenities at the bed and breakfast include a traditional steam bath house that Kristian built in 1994. Arrive via plane onto the village's gravel airstrip about 420 miles southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula.

Amenities include satellite television, laundry facility, wireless internet access, large chest-freezer for storage, the sauna, an area suitable for use as a helipcopter landing site, and a large well-furnished kitchen including breakfast items.

Things to Do

Port Heiden offers miles of wide-open beaches to explore and four-wheelers are available locally for rent. Several miles of roads make sight-seeing fun. Silver (coho) salmon fishing is accessible by road as are great spots for bird-watching. Aniakchak Crater is within hiking distance and offers breath-taking views from the crater rim. The six-mile caldera contains Surprise Lake, evidence of lava flows and Vent Mountain (a cinder-cone 1,000 feet high).


  • $150 per nigth (breakfast items provided)